Dr. Linda Brown went on a fly fishing trip to Montana in the late 1990s. While she was there, she visited a drive-thru coffee shop for the first time, and she knew that her hometown, Lynchburg, Virginia needed a place just like the one she visited: a quick, convenient place to get excellent coffee and great service. Back then, Lynchburg only had two coffee shops, and Linda knew a place like Joe Beans would be the first of its kind. With the help of an experienced coffee connoisseur, Bob Cox, who would later become Linda’s husband, Joe Beans served its first customers on Timberlake Road in 2000.

Over the course of two decades, Joe Beans grew from one location to six and also expanded outside of Lynchburg to Appomattox, Altavista, and Bedford. Even though coffee culture has grown and the customer has many options now, Joe Beans remains the top local choice due to its uncompromisingly excellent product and friendly baristas. 

19 years later, Linda sometimes looks back at her trip that introduced her to a profession that would be her life’s passion. She and Bob are grandparents now who still look forward to a delicious cup of coffee and hearing stories from the customers who helped build the business that started with one small trailer and grew into a company with nearly 100 employees. It’s been a long road of hard work, but every moment has been worth it and still is today. 


At Joe Bean’s, our first priority is you, our customer!

We are committed to brewing the best coffee in Lynchburg and Appomattox with the ease and convenience of drive-thru, friendly service. We search for the best choices in coffee and bring them to you, refusing to settle for nothing less than the finest quality beans. We strive to provide you with quality goods, select blends, and a unique variety of beverage choices that make it easy for you to find what you want.

Even if what you want is not on the menu, “no” is not a word you will hear often at Joe Bean’s.

We have a personal interest in the coffee we serve. Joe Bean’s is a privately held company, not a franchise.

Stop by and enjoy friendly, personal service and high-quality espresso without even having to step out of your car!